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I’m a dumb shit
And the world is getting bright
(And those who see it can’t say
And those who can’t won’t look
And those who won’t, won’t.)

The time of peace is here
(And it’s happening between
The pavement and the boot)
And you see it because 
(You wear the steel-toe just right and)
You stomp down in bravery.

(What can we do against the gawkers?
Against the power and confidence of their numbers?
What can we do against The Inverters?
Against the power and confidence of their mirror-lips?)

You are noble
Your children will be crowned
Not by dumb shits like me
But by the Greats you raise up
And the gold (whips) that you give them
(Will crack at your heels 
When you turn 
For a moment,
And Power wants the only thing you couldn’t give it
Because that’s the one thing Power needs.)

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