5 Killer LatinX Indie Bands

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LatinX music isn’t covered much, let alone LatinX Indie music, let alone LatinX topics in general. But after finding this awesome LatinX Indie playlist on Spotify I figured I’d spread some love for some of these awesome bands.

Chicano Batman

Chicano Batman is an indie band with an awesome name. Beyond that, they are a Los Angeles based band with a psychedelic-soul-surf style that gives them a distinct sound.

Check them out on Spotify or Instagram or Facebook or Twitter.

Color my life by Chicano Batman

Inner Wave

Inner Wave is a Los Angeles based indie band with a sound that ranges from psychedelic to oldies inspired to straightforward rock and roll. Read more about them here: https://www.latimes.com/entertainment/music/la-et-ms-inner-wave-review-20180625-story.html

Check them out on Spotify or Bandcamp.

Rose by Inner Wave

Los Walters

Los Walters is a duo of Puerto Rican musicians Angel Figueroa and Luis Lopez. The band creates songs with a dark and atmospheric sound heavily inspired by synth-pop.

Check them out on Spotify or Instagram or Twitter or Facebook.

Desastre Comunal by Los Wálters

El Pan Blanco

El Pan Blanco is a psychedelic indie band from Northeast Los Angeles with a hypnotic and funk-inspired sound.

Check them out on Spotify or Instagram or Twitter.

See U Again by El Pan Blanco


Zapata is a psychedelic indie bedroom band from Chicago, Illinois with a distinct Lo-Fi style and a slight bluesy edge.

Check out them on Spotify or Instagram or Facebook.

Starryside by Zapata

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