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Kant’s Three Rules for Living Well

Reading Time: 4 minutes Living a good life is ultimately what we’re all striving for. Everybody wants more money, status, and possessions in our society with the often unrealized purpose of simply living a better life. But what is a better life, really?

Kierkegaard’s Three Stages of Development

Reading Time: 3 minutes Kierkegaard defined three stages of development, or modes of living, which he asserted all individuals must pass through in order to live a satisfying and rich life. The first is called the Aesthetic stage, the second the Ethical, and the third the Religious.

5 Killer LatinX Indie Bands

Reading Time: 2 minutes LatinX art needs some more love in the United States, so here are five great LatinX indie bands and five awesome songs by them.

Peter Rollins: The Frustration of Reality

Reading Time: 3 minutes The problem occurs, Rollins says, not with the innate dissatisfaction of life, but in the adoption of the belief that life’s inherent frustration can be assuaged.